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5,7х28mm FN – description and specifications

5,7х28mm FN

5,7х28mm FN - description and specifications

Performance characteristics

5,7х28mm FN

Caliber, mm


Muzzle velocity, m / s


muzzle energy, J.


Ammunition designed by the Belgian FN in the mid 80s for the submachine gun (personal defense weapon) P90, later used in the gun «Five SeveN». Intended to replace the cartridge 9x19 mm as standard for light firearms, mainly pistols and submachine guns.

Effective range increased to chuck SS190 150 m, stopping power is three times higher, than the 9x19 mm cartridge. Standard shell bullet weight 2,02 g of the iron core in the aluminum beaker hit steel helmet at a distance 150 m, at a distance 50 m 48 layers of fabric based on Kevlar.

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