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Israeli company Rafael introduced “future tank”

Israel presented the concept “tank of the future”. The developers of the Israeli company Rafael announced, that the new tank will be shown this summer. This writes “Expanded” with reference to Jane's 360.

Израильская компания Rafael представила "танк будущего"

For design, new tank will be based on a compact platform Carmel, shown at the beginning of 2018 year at military exhibition in London. This small tracked vehicle, in the opinion of the Israeli military, It should be the basis for a whole family of appliances, which includes a small double tank. stated, that the tank is not the third member of the crew, but instead is installed on-board computer, which not only provides all-round visibility crew, marking opponents and important goals, but also gives advice on a route. Besides, the computer can take on the role of the driver, gunner or even turn in a tank drone. machine commands are given by means of touchscreens (touch screens) and even voice.

weight of the tank will not exceed 30 tonnes. The lack of thick armor compensated advanced active protection. housing fully “deaf”, provided an overview of the computer, which by means of radar, lidar and external cameras get the image and projects it on the monitors. The armament of the tank will be the newest automatic gun (gauge Unknown) and third-generation ATGM.

Some experts in military technology have already declared, The new Israeli tank is not drawn on the MBT and dubbed it hard guideshoe.

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    The concept is fundamentally misguided. near future tank should be unmanned, remotely controlled. Panoramic reflection of the environment can be created, and not in the tank, and in a safe place – command post. Why risk the lives of soldiers?

    16.02.2019 at 23:37 Reply