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Vladislav Surkov. First, after the zero

Vladislav Surkov. First, after the zero

Russia's new model make the president think about a successor

Analytical article presidential aide Vladislav Surkov (real name – Dudayev Aslanbek Andarbekoviç ) "For a long state of Putin" was the starting point in the discussion of the new policy of Russia in the next few years.

The tone was set himself Vladislav Surkov, who always knows how to professionally make the necessary forwarding information intellectual-political persuasion in the public life of the country. His violin is able to produce sounds of the main stage, the sidelines, and listen to her, and even more so to hear - is not all feasible. The melody of his compositions - ornate, the exploding, the ceasing, the teeming metamorphoses, then rolled into everyday political life, often creating the emphasis not on the story, but on the mood and mode of transmission.

Taste the contents of his works can be, Only having a specific scent, philosophical and aesthetic mindset, but who knows firsthand, what a shovel and a rake. And the philosophical mind is not always prevails in the minds of, who first took up the analysis of his works.

Unlike many inarticulate members of the upper echelons of power in Surkov's excellent literate literary language.

He has the gift of poetic and delicate ear for music, He writes all their own performances, without resorting to the services of assistants

Vladislav Surkov, a truly dangerous. Dangerous levels of global and systemic thinking, he does not boast, having manners and modesty, characteristic of Baron or Count of the XIX century. Dangerous for the political environment, in which it is, environment often frankly provincial and ushlogo mindset, Unable to contemplate and create.

For all its internal content, Vladislav Surkov, and can give a fairly strong resistance, as was the case with Mr. Sergei Polonsky. Open rudeness and conceit Assistant to the President will not tolerate, especially if it does not sound in his address, and colleagues address. And not on the status of. Namely, by its nature, which quite naturally does not tolerate generalizations, based not on an analysis of, and in high-profile personal bravura statements with a hint of objectivity.

Shadow play

Being a man of strict and sentimental at the same time, Surkov never shows its true face, but it hides not behind the mask of inaccessibility and look from the top down, but under the guise of a humble artistic scientist, suddenly lost their heads on the floor a pile of books and papers, and trying to apologizing to collect their public, sometimes blushing.

As one of the most influential people in Russia, "Gray cardinal of the Kremlin", Vladislav Yurevich remained as if a stranger in public for Vladimir Putin. The President has always kept him always in the "eternal swing", putting on Surkov let less "creative", but more loyal person, as we understand – to build next to a character with its own view of things, who is not afraid to express them and suggest solutions, sometimes radically different from the usual rate, can play a bad joke, not only with himself, but also to reveal the true face of the people around him.

Vladislav Surkov, is able to be flexible, but podhalimom, and the government there is no authority for it, unless he does not create them for specific purposes of a political nature. And here it is just, more than ever, It proved the relevance of its new creation "For a long state of Putin", which seems hell-the-box immediately imposed a kind of fear the whole army not only the Kremlin, but also social activists, Sociologists and political consultants.

Funk is, that reading Surkov, unwittingly waiting, that any new paragraph President assistant affect the subject is so sharp and give a comment, after which it is not known how to react pro-Kremlin media, and other environment authorities - delicately silent, or give your answer, which can be either oppositional, and ridiculous. Most selected first. But not for the last time.

Vladimir Putin is almost never publicly commented Surkov

And it is logical. Tasks Vladislav Yuryevich sometimes go beyond the scope of any large-scale leader in its ambiguity and complexity. Is it always copes with them Surkov, hard to say. In Surkov's government virtually do not discuss, mystique and proximity to the emperor reaching for him as a bride's train.

Even when 2013 , Vladimir Putin, Surkov took almost all his posts, actually transferring it from the Kremlin to the White House, Some saw it was not open to distrust President Surkov, as a deliberate gesture on the part of Vladislav Yuryevich, peculiar to his character, which was needed to Vladimir Putin to address the federal level of a shadow of tasks, that even a mosquito nose will not undermine. But this can only tell two people, but they will not tell.

But there is an option, what in 2013 by Putin and Surkov are so divergent views on the future of the country, between them really have problems and the cessation of further work. For a while.

20 September 2013 year Surkov was appointed Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation on cooperation with Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

the handwriting

Once the president openly asked, Do Vladislav Surkov had 2014 year with the events in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin, slightly blushing, answered, that does not. And after it was revealed, Vladislav Yuryevich that vengeance is in talks with Kurt Walker, US diplomat, namely on Ukraine. Furthermore, American side the issue is fundamentally does not want anyone to discuss longer, except with Vladislav Surkov.

Is it possible to, that "Gazprom" the problem of non-repayment of debts of Ukraine was solved by changing the Crimea and the Donbass in the Russian Federation under the auspices or at the request by Surkov - perhaps. but unprovable.

There is also anecdotal evidence of the fact, what Surkov 2009-2010 he was responsible for the financial side of the election of Viktor Yanukovych.

The so-called "Navalny project" also tacitly ascribe authorship Vladislav Yuryevich, who has always had contacts with Russian opposition, spending even a special monitor the behavior of rallies and media mentions of his name in 2012-2013 years. And he never openly opposed the opposition, as I did not participate in any meetings.

And who knows, why and what actually is going on in the Kuriles ...

Scope of its influence and contacts in Russia are the envy of the president

After all, if for Vladimir Putin, and for the higher echelons of power, Some personalities from politics and society are uncomfortable on the status of Me, Vladislav Surkov to the boundaries in this regard is not at all. And the credit goes to him only. It can come in the door, which will never be able to go public or president, nor Prime. Not because the authorities do not have enough, but because it would undermine the image and credibility. Surkov on the former and present positions there is nothing stopping to meet with anyone, at any level, with the exception of, may be, Presidents of other countries. It is the prerogative of Vladimir Putin. probably, after that, and keeps the President Vladislav Yuryevich, which has remarkable flexibility of thinking, and can find a common language, for example, at the same time as the opposition, and with Ramzan Kadyrov. And as a kind of bridge for negotiations with any opponent, the same US.

A new entry into the old offices

One reason for the release of his new written material can become the most prosaic goal. Is not it, Vladislav Yuryevich marks on the throne, if not the president, the, at least, for the position more open and official. New time could make it clear to Surkov, what to 2024 year, but in fact much earlier, The situation in the Russian policy has changed so much, that if you do not act now - and then it may be too late. everyone understands, that even if Putin leaves office in 2024 year, the likelihood of the need for an assistant to the new president may fall. And not because people do not demand, these Surkov, but simply because, that the new man is banal may not understand all the details and scope of work of Vladislav Yuryevich government. And simply do not pay much attention to him.

Of course, Vladimir Putin's influence after he leaves office, remains a huge and long - too long he stayed in power, too overgrown influence in various circles. Leave the post - not to leave politics. It can even give patronage to the new president of Russia with respect to Vladislav Surkov and explain the full value of his work. But guarantees even on this occasion to give no one can, and the hope for someone not in the habit of Surkov.

probably, "Gray cardinal" has decided not to postpone it indefinitely, and pre-trodden path itself in the first echelon of power

What it seems logical. His article is positive about Putin's activities, and while the president has demonstrated to the world his successor in office, should be as tightly as possible to join the Kremlin.

For president Vladislav Surkov hardly marks - not his position, not his path. Slishkom public, open and slightly moving away from the interests of Surkov - to solve problems behind the scenes, not giving interviews and Russian public press conference. But secretly Surkov may hint to Vladimir Putin, About, that among the possible candidates for the next post, there he. Not important, how it will relate to this hint president, he can not get Putin's "blessing", but can get a certain position, that until, on the hidden reasons, can not get.

near zero

Their attitude to the creative intelligentsia in Russia Vladislav Surkov also never hid and hid.

AT 2009 year in a special supplement to the journal "Russian pioneer" comes a novel of a certain Nathan Dubovitskij "Okolonolya". Spouse Vladislav Surkov name is Natalia Dubovitskaya, and her nickname in the Instagram network - Natan_d. Coincidence? I do not think.

Vladislav Surkov. First, after the zero

In November 2009 in an interview with the "Literary newspaper" writer Viktor Yerofeyev said, Surkov has confirmed in a personal conversation with him his authorship. properly, special proof of authorship is not even required - in an art book as scenery involved FSB, some studio «Kafkas pictures» and the book business.

Nevertheless, in the October issue of the journal "Russian pioneer" Surkov himself wrote a detailed review, which he criticized the work and ironically commented version of his authorship.

In October 2009 year director Kirill Serebrennikov said, that he intends to make a theatrical production of the novel. Statement made by producer Oleg Tabakov. In January 2011 till book "Snuff" was staged spectacle, the premiere of which was attended personally Vladislav Surkov.

Vladislav Surkov. First, after the zero

Brother, Yes. his article

It Vladislav Surkov described the historical role of "big Putin's political machine". In his opinion, in Russia it has developed a new type of state, which will be a "means of survival of the Russian nation and the rise of" the entire upcoming century.

The author called "illusion of choice" cunning of Western democracies, rejecting these evasions Russia, in his opinion, just won.

"And so, Russian state continues, and now a new type of state, what we have not yet been. It is this… model of a political system would be an effective means of survival of the Russian nation and the rise in the coming years, not only, but decades, but rather, and the entire upcoming century ".

"Much of Putin's political machine is gaining momentum and is tuned to a long, difficult and challenging work. Its output at full capacity far ahead, so many years later Russia will still be the state of Putin ".

Vladislav Surkov introduces this term as opposed to the "deep state", which suddenly find yourself in the Western democracies. In our country, he considers it, no hidden state, it is all in the mind and not masked by an unnecessary decor.

he noted, that the government of Putin - the fourth significant model in the history of the country after the kingdom of Ivan III, Empire of Peter the Great and the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin

Well, then all in a similar style. To be honest, Article produces "paid" impression on the powers that be needful, but knowing the person who wrote it, it looks at that angle, that we wrote above.

imperial ambitions, national pride, empty admiration of his position, which every day becomes more and more sad, unwillingness to act, public apathy as a way of humility - all this in the article Surkov has. Archaic and banal. But Surkov was not Surkov, if not put in their words and actions a bit more, than just a collection of cliches.

Give here the views of people responded to the article, we will not - they are rather one-sided, with an emphasis in a historical and political analysis, but apparently without understanding personality, it was written. In addition to all sorts of opinions written enough already, not to be repeated on this occasion.

Sure, that there is no quick and sharp reaction to an article by the Kremlin will not be. She too camouflaged its external simplicity, and it is aimed at a specific target. Even, to a specific person. The opinion of the rest of Vladislav Surkov, in this case, with a high probability, will still. He started his little Napoleon's plan, and in politics, as well as in big business, all good. Surkov prefers deep intellectual style of conducting their affairs.

President's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said immediately, Vladimir Putin knows about the article, but he read it or not, unknown. Also, he added diplomatically, that the official reaction of the president on the material Surkov would not.

That is more than obvious.

Vladislav Surkov is the Order "For Merit III degree", Order of Honor, Stolypin Medal of II degree, as well as the gratitude of the President of Russia. Also it has the rank of "Acting State Advisor of the Russian Federation Class I" in the public service.

Dmitry Stepnov

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