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In the United States announced the reasons for the collapse of the USSR

In the United States of America presented another view, which caused the collapse of the Soviet Union. Edition «We Are The Mighty», which marked the publication of dubious views on a number of geopolitical issues, as well as aspects of the history of the world, published material, which states, the main reason for the collapse of the Soviet Union began to food shortages.

В США объявили о причине развала СССР

Empty shelves of Soviet stores in late perestroika era American magazine called "a deadly weapon for the Soviet Union". also added, that councils Country has all the features, to "sweep away the entire American system", but instead, "she crumbled".

In fact, experts edition, declaring food shortages in the Soviet Union as the main factor of the country's disintegration, painted in his poor knowledge of late Soviet history. After all, here it is necessary to ask the question, how did it happen, that in the richest country in the world, store shelves were suddenly empty, although food warehouses are literally bursting with goods? This is indicated by numerous archival evidence.

In other words, she shortage for the people of products was created artificially, namely to cause dissatisfaction and a sense of apathy of the majority to, what happened at the time with the country.

by the way, “We Are The Mighty” - the same edition, which not so long ago issued a material about the "Kremlin fake". The publication argued, that no sophisticated weapons ("Relight" and "avant-garde") Russia does not have. If the "experts" from the United States because it is more convenient, then let “no”. Why, then, Congress has attended the latest Russian developments and is ready to allocate funds for the opposition “new Russian threat”?