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Ukraine has shown the upgraded MiG-29MU2

In Ukraine, announced the launch of the modernization of MiG-29 fighter. Modernization of Lviv held at the facilities of an aircraft factory. We are talking about combat aircraft bringing to version MU2 (Ukrainian version of the nomenclature). She is (A new version of the fighter modification) It involves the use of the modernized weapon control system.

Украина показала модернизированный МиГ-29МУ2
In the photo retouch number 12

In particular, It refers to the use of block-combat use of the calculator, which is involved in the management of the corrected munitions – with thermal heads targeting.

The possibility of effective such armament control how CAB-500Kr and X-29T. Kh-29T is used to destroy ground and surface targets, including such as industrial buildings, railway and road bridges, warehouses, reinforced concrete shelters, ships and port facilities.

The upgraded version of the MiG-29MU2 analog displays replaced by digital.

From the reports of representatives of the aircraft factory:
On the MiG-29MU2 set VOR system, THEY, DME – onboard equipment, which allows to carry out automatic landing control and carry out flights on international routes.

What is "international route" Ukraine is going to send their MIGs, not reported.