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Impact UAV interceptor "Carnivore" passed the test: expert opinion

Impact UAV interceptor «Karnivor» has been tested: expert opinion

On Monday, 28 January, We tested the impact drone interceptor "Carnivore", during which it was applied armament. celebrated, that after completion of factory tests of the UAV will be tested in real combat.

The total number of pits robotic armored vehicles has increased significantly in recent years. It is part of the concept of modernization of the Russian army, pursued by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. The armed forces are modern high-tech weaponry and retraining.

Head of the NGO "Eurasian Institute of Youth Initiatives" Dmitry Zakharov comments for publication "Inforeaktor" said, that "Carnivore" test talk about the ongoing development of the Russian army. The expert stressed, that Russia is still the world leader in the production of weapons.

"I think, now all the talk about, that the Russian army will not use UAV, including reconnaissance and strike, It does not make sense. "Carnivore" - a multipurpose drone, designed to combat enemy UAV, I have in fact passed all tests. I'm sure, that we will soon see him in the army. Development of military engineering inventions in Russia goes its course, and new items are not inferior to the world analogues, and exceed them in a number of indicators. And the "Carnivore" this illustrative example ", - said Zakharov.

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