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The expert assessed the prospects for individual exploration of the complex "The Eye"

The expert assessed the prospects of individual intelligence complex «Eye»

The Russian armed forces in the near future will go the individual reconnaissance complex "Eye". The device has been tested in real combat conditions in Syria and revision, taking into account the experience gained, TASS reported, citing a source.

The apparatus is a mini-unit, which starts with a hand pistol. "Eye" allows you to receive photos- and video on the battlefield. Also, the unit can be used in the field of emergency situations and in other conditions, when there is a real threat to life.

It is worth noting, that the introduction of high-tech spy equipment fits into a trend of Russian rearmament. So, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has consistently advocated the modernization of the armed forces, in particular for the use of modern technologies in the development of new weapons and equipment. Russian political scientist, public figure, author and presenter video project "sense" supported the introduction of "The Eye" complex, and noted the uniqueness of this vehicle.

"Based on the experience of fighting in recent years all over the world it becomes clear, that it is often there are small clashes on a limited area with limited intelligence capabilities, that interfere with the detection of the enemy's position. such complex, as the "Eye", will primarily reduce the amount of waste and to make military activities more point. This is particularly important for the development of intelligence units and special operations forces.

The expert assessed the prospects of individual intelligence complex «Eye»

Available in the public domain tactical and technical data of the complex "eye" say, that in the future he will be able to strengthen all land military units and, especially, exploration. And most importantly, I repeat, "Eye" can minimize the possible loss of personnel. Analyzing the experience of recent transactions, especially in Syria, you can note, that it is the development of the intelligence services of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, including the improvement of technical equipment, It was the key to successful and effective actions of our military ", - notes Arkatov.

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