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IN-Friday: In Russia, the accelerated growth of wages

In the rubric “Friday Book Club” (“IN-Friday”) present statements by officials, count the income of Russian citizens over the past year.

ВО-пятница: В России ускорился рост зарплат

Rosstat announced the "acceleration" of growth of wages Russians. is approved, that the wage growth of the population on average has accelerated with 2,9 to 6,9 percent in annual terms. These are the results 2018 of the year, according to the Federal State Statistics Service Professionals.

Notably, that in the beginning 2018 , the Ministry of Economic Development issued a forecast for growth of salaries is in 6,9%. AND, It should be the same to happen, Ministry of Economic Development forecasts and the main Russian statistical agency matched up to a tenth of a percent.

What is the average monthly salary in Russia, According to all the same Rosstat? stated, she added in nominal terms almost 10% (to be exact - 9,9%) and was 43,4 thousand. rubles.

At the same time, the Federal Statistics Service said on last year's decline in real incomes by about 0,2%.

If you add up all the statements, the confusion: the average salary has increased by 9,9%, declared inflation for the 2018 year is not exceeded 4,5%, but if everything is so, how does the average income fell volumes? comes, that somewhere crept, to put it mildly, minor mistake. Or statistical agency has special analytical methods in carrying out their counting…

Against this background, Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin, located at the WEF in Davos, He stated, that the forecasts for GDP 2018 year needs to be adjusted upward. According to him, Russia's economic growth in the last year amounted to about 2%. Recall, It had previously predicted no more 1,8% truth VVP.