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Swedish tank Stridsvagn-2000

In the 80s of the last century all the leading countries of the world have been developing so-called limiting parameters tanks. While in service has consisted MBT (main battle tanks), however expected, that they should come to replace the armored vehicles, having higher quality martial.

Шведский танк Stridsvagn-2000

So, in Sweden began in 2000 Stridsvagn-tank development (Strv-2000), feature of which was the location of the engine power in 1475 HP. and transmission at the front of housing.

Initially, it was planned to equip the tank 120mm smoothbore gun Rh-120, however expected, that "tank limiting parameters" should be appropriately firepower, so in the middle of the 80s it was decided to move to a new caliber – 140 mm. The gun would have ammunition in 38 charges, and it would be an automated loading.

Furthermore 140mm tank gun planned to equip automatic cannon caliber 40 mm and two machine gun 7,62 to increase the combat capability of the tank.

The protection of the Swedish war machine was planned to provide a number of ways: by reducing the visibility of the tank in the infrared, optical and radar bands, and also due to the combined reservation of a metal and ceramics. Such armor could provide protection not only from the 125-mm shells, but also from artillery shells. The crew was to consist of 3 human.

Due to the high cost and complexity of the project development Stridsvagn-2000 was limited to research and the creation of layouts.

"If the Swedes were still able to" pull "this development, then today in their arms would stand a fighting machine, which could compete not only with new tanks, such as T-14 "Armata", but probably would have had a great success in the international arms markets " – says the news agency "Bulletin of Mordovia".