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A type 67

A type 67



A type 67 - description and specifications

Performance characteristics

A type 67


single action

Caliber, mm

7.65×17mm Type 64

Weight empty, g


Length, mm


barrel length, mm


Drum capacity / store


Silent Gun Type 67 was developed in the late 1960s as a development of silent pistol type 64, providing users with the same combat characteristics, but with a third of the mass of weapons and a simpler design of the muffler. The rest of the gun type 67 retained all the properties of the predecessor, including weak cartridge 7.65x17 type 64, free shutter automation, USM single action with an open trigger and a manual fuse on the left of the frame. Like the gun type 64, shutter gun Type 67 can be locked by pressing the transverse button on the side of the shutter, which excludes a sufficiently loud shutter clang when shooting, however turns a pistol from self-loading into a weapon with manual reload.

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