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SIG P 210 1938

SIG P 210 1938



SIG P 210 1938 - description and specifications

Performance characteristics

SIG P 210


single action

Caliber, mm

9×19mm Parabellum, 7.65×19 Parabellum, .22LR (5.6mm rimfire)

Weight empty, g


Length, mm


barrel length, mm


Drum capacity / store


SIG P210 was developed by Sweizerishe Industrie Gesellschaft (THEMSELVES), Switzerland, at 1938-1945 years, and it was adopted for the Swiss army under the designation Pistole 49 at 1949. P210 was created to replace obsolete Swiss Luger («Parabellumam») sample 1900 of the year. According to requirements, extended in 1938 year, new gun had to have the caliber of 9x19mm Luger and superior martial characteristics. The Swiss have experienced a lot of foreign models, fklyuchaya French MAB and Petter, Belgian High Power and others, However, none of the contestants did not accept them. Then it was decided to create their own gun.

As a result,, company SIG has developed a pistol, It is considered the most accurate, one of the most reliable, as well as the most expensive mass army pistol. The sale on the civilian market, he acted under the designation P210, Besides, it was adopted in Denmark, and purchasing Border Guard FRG.

AT 1975 the Swiss Army adopted a new gun «Pistole 75 ' (SIG Sauer P220), P210 but still is in service in Denmark and is a popular sport pistol both in Switzerland, and in Western Europe.

technical, P210 is a semiautomatic pistol, Brauningovskoy constructed from concatenated circuit with the gate and the short recoil. Bolt and frame pistol - steel. The guide for the shutter are arranged on the inner surface of the frame, unlike most other guns. The trigger mechanism - trigger, single action. The fuse is mounted on the left frame of the gun, next to it - the slide stop switch.

Gun manufactured in several embodiments, differing mainly finish, barrel length and aiming devices. The gun of any model can be transformed into either of the two calibers - 9x19mm or 7.65h19mm, simply by replacing the barrel. Chambered rimfire gun 5.6mm was altered by replacing the barrel, prison, and store the return spring.

P210-1 different polirovannyym blued floors and wooden cheeks of the handle. P210-2 had a matte finish, plastic handle casing, and did not differ from the army «pistole 49". P210-4 was one for the Border Guards FRG, and P210-5 and P210-6 is a sports-target model, wherein P210-5 had a barrel length 150 mm, P210-6 and had a barrel length 120 mm.

The company is currently SIGARMS (heir weapons SIG business) He informed about the planned resumption of P210.

In conclusion, let me note again, that the P210 is in a way an outstanding example: It is essentially an army pistol, it is quite consistent for the accuracy of the best sports models of their time (typical accuracy - 50 mm 25 meters), It is a very reliable and durable weapon. Naturally, that for such characteristics have to pay - P210 decommissioned in excellent condition, issued by the Danish request, worth more than 2.000 US $, and the price 1000 dollars for any P210 in good condition is considered almost dumping. However, Swiss is not stopped - because the requirements for infantry training in the Swiss army - one of the toughest in the world.

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