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IMM HS2000 1999

IMM HS2000 1999



IMM HS2000 1999 - description and specifications

Performance characteristics

IMM HS2000


single action

Caliber, mm

9×19 For, .357THEMSELVES, .40SW

Length, mm


barrel length, mm


Weight with ammunition, g


Weight empty, g


Drum capacity / store


HS2000 established in Croatia by IM Metal and was first announced in 1999 year. The gun is equipped with all the most fashionable "chip", including a polymer frame, bilateral magazine catch, convenient sights, presence indicator cartridge in the chamber (aka ejector, Located on top of the gate behind the window to eject shell casings), and indicator cocking the firing pin at the rear end of the shutter. The pistol has 4 automatic fuse: button on the rear side of the handle, goes out when a hand gun coverage, fuse on the trigger (similar to Glock), blocking the hammer to full squeezing the trigger and fuse, blocking the firing pin when the gate nedozakrytom.

According Combat Handguns Magazine magazine (June 2000), HS2000 vesyma convenient and accurate (50-75mm groups on 23 meters). Besides,This gun polkazal a reliable and undemanding to ammunition.
generally,, this gun is described as a mixture of guns and SIGSauer GLOCK, while HS2000 SIG'ov slightly cheaper and is comparable in price with Glock'ami.

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