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Astra 200 – 1920

Astra 200 1920



Astra 200 1920 - description and specifications

Performance characteristics


A type

automatic pistol (free return from the shutter)

Caliber, mm

6,35 auto

Length, mm


barrel length, mm


Weight empty, g


Drum capacity / store


This gun free-caliber bolt 6,35 mm, which is often called "fayrket" in the US, It was established in 1920 year on the basis of "browning" 1906 years and withdrawn from the market only 1966 year. Despite the fact that in its framework and shops fuses were provided, safety lever also preserved; He was placed on the middle of the frame, that is typical for handguns from Eibar. Model with a barrel length 56 mm and a six-box magazine had a large number of finishes, depending on where in the company's catalogs that gun encountered under different numbers; eg, 200/1, 200/2 etc.

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