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7,62x42mm SP-4

  7,62x42mm SP-4

7,62x42mm SP-4 - description and specifications

Performance characteristics

7,62x42mm SP-4

Caliber, mm


bullet Length, mm


The length of the sleeve, mm


cartridge weight, g


bullet weight, g


Muzzle velocity, m / s


muzzle energy, J.


SP-4 was adopted in the early 80-ies of XX century, together with self-loading pistol PSS (self-loading pistol special) Steel cartridge case, bottle, groove. On the size of the cartridge SP-4 sleeve sleeve longer cartridge SP-3 (SP-2). The length of the sleeve 42 mm. The bullet is a solid cylinder of stainless steel, Copper is a leading band in the head and in the running order is completely recessed into the cartridge case (flush with the cut sleeve Dultsev). Long pusher SP-3 rounds (SP-2, P3A, P3AM) is replaced by the shaped piston. Due to the fact, that the bullet surface is not mechanically interacts with the inner surface of the bore of the barrel - in rifling cuts only the leading belt, located in the head of the bullet, - no need for pushing the bullet the entire length of the gun barrel. enough, leading to the belt was threaded portion of the barrel. The bottom part of the bullet when it is brought up to the piston sleeve dulcitol. Therefore, the fired cartridge piston extends beyond dultsa.Patron designed for use in a silent weapon, design feature is cut-off propellant gas within the sleeve. Steel piston pushes the bullet in the sleeve, which then rests on the restriction and does not go out. After the shot sleeve traumatic, tk. therein remain under high pressure propellant gases.

The cartridge provides punching the steel sheet thickness 2 mm at a distance of 25 m; at the same distance Army helmet NL-68 breaks through.

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