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7.62х39mm 1943

  7,62х39mm 1943

7,62х39mm 1943 - description and specifications

Performance characteristics

7,62х39mm (57-H-231C, with steel core)

Caliber, mm


The diameter of the bullet, mm


bullet weight, g


The weight of powder, g


Muzzle velocity, m / s


muzzle energy, J.


Origin of the intermediate mass (between a pistol and rifle) cartridge was developed in the USSR 1943 year. Designed for, to provide troops to effectively conduct automatic fire from light weapons at ranges 200-400 m, It was first used in the SKS carbine, but this popularity has gained thanks to the Kalashnikov assault rifle. Despite the fact, officially in service in the Russian army is a cartridge 5.45x39 mm and arms under him, in the forces is significant number of machines and machine guns caliber Kalashnikov 7,62 mm. Furthermore, They are being developed and tested new models of automatic handguns (machines) under this cartridge, eg, AEK-971.

Initially cartridge had a bullet from a steel core, hereinafter army ammunition bullet with a heat-treated core was developed (enhanced penetration), with a heavy bullet with subsonic speed (WATER) to provide a silencer, tracer and other.

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