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6.5х55mm Mauser 1894

  6,5х55mm Mauser 1894

6,5х55mm Mauser 1894 - description and specifications

Performance characteristics

6,5х55mm Mauser

Caliber, mm


The length of the cartridge, mm


The length of the sleeve, mm


Muzzle velocity, m / s


muzzle energy, J.


This cartridge with 1894 year are full-time Swedish patron before replacement 1950 year 7,62h51. It was also used in rifles «Kpar-Jorgensen" (Norway) and characterized by a high precision shooting, in connection with what has been applied for sport.

It should be noted, that patrons 6,5h57, 6,5X58 "Mauser" and 6,5h54 mm "Mannlicher" look very similar, but are not interchangeable.

are standard cartridges:

general purpose PRTM 41 - bullet weight 9,07 city;
tracer SLPRT V41 - bullet weight 7,78 city;
piercing PPRT M41 - bullet with steel core.

Currently, the firm "Xartenberger" (Austria) cartridge is available in two versions:: general purpose, with a streamlined bullet weight 9,25 g. (starting speed - 800 m / s) and tracer - with a bullet weight 7,12 g. (the initial velocity is also 800 m / s).

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