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10х25mm Auto 1983

  10х25mm Auto 1983

10х25mm Auto 1983 - description and specifications

Performance characteristics

10х25mm Auto

Caliber, mm


bullet weight, g


Muzzle velocity, m / s


muzzle energy, J.


Ammunition serves American competitor 0.40 "Smith and Wesson" and 0.45 century, designed in 1983 The firm "Norma" (Sweden) and "Dornau and Dixon" on the basis of the cartridge "Bren".

Who has gained popularity in Europe, where he released under the gun "Glock", "Heckler & Koch", "Zig-Zauэr», "Astra", etc..

Ammunition is considered one of the most promising, in particular, US FBI is selected as the primary for pistols.

Standard type of police bullets slow-witted, weighing 11-13 g, poluobolochechnaya. The shell is used for military purposes bullet weighing 11-13 g at an initial velocity 290-366 m / s.

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