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VKT L-35 1935

L-35 VKT 1935



L-35 VKT 1935 - description and specifications

Performance characteristics

VKT L-35


single action

Caliber, mm

9h19mm Parabellum

Weight empty, g


Length, mm


barrel length, mm


Drum capacity / store


L-35 gun was designed by the Finnish designer Aimo Lahti and produced by the Finnish company VKT with 1935 of the year. He was adopted by Finnish Army under the designation L-35, Besides, at 1940 Sweden, the Finns bought the license for the L-35, and more simplified structure, I arranged the production of pistols at the factory Husqvarna Vapenfabrik AB under the designation M / 40. Pistols M / 40 issued to 1946 of the year, total release was less than 100.000 pcs. In the early 1980s, most pistols M / 40 were retired Swedish army because of the destruction of parts when firing standard 9mm cartridge Swedish (which is somewhat more powerful than conventional bullets 9mm Parabellum). For a time, instead of M / 40 to light have been pulled out an old pistol M / 07 (Browning Countdown. 1903 year chambered 9h20mm Browning Long), that, to the surprise, could shoot and 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge. Later the Swedes have adopted a pistol Glock 17. Differences gun M / 40 of L-35 are described below.

L-35 pistol is a semi-automatic weapon, constructed on the basis of automation with a short recoil. The barrel is rigidly connected to the receiver of rectangular section, within which the shutter moves (also rectangular). Locking bolt and the receiver is performed using "P" -shaped latch, movable in a vertical plane. In the first moments of shooting the barrel with the receiver and the gate rolled back by a few millimeters, then latch, interacting with a frame, lifted up and releases the shutter. The trunk is stopped, transferring their kinetic energy to the gate through a singular item - shutter departing accelerator. For manual reloading the rear portions of the shutter are two grooved gripping finger, acting behind the receiver. On the upper surface of the receiver located in a special tide pointer presence cartridge in the chamber. Window ejection port is disposed on the right side of the receiver and in the normal position the shutter is closed from inside the body. The spring-loaded ejector, Located in the left side of the receiver.

The trigger mechanism - with a hidden hammer, rapolozhennym inside the frame, due to which the striker extends not parallel to the barrel axis, and obliquely upward toward the mirror shutter. The fuse is located on the left side of the frame. Due to the design, safely protecting mechanisms pistol from dirt, and also due to the presence of the accelerator shutter, gun L-35 is exceptionally reliable operation even in the harshest conditions of the north of Finland.

Swedish pistols M / 40 differed from the L-35 on a number of parameters: At first, superficially they had enlarged trigger guard, groove on handle for attaching the holster-butt, and slightly longer barrel. Secondly, pistols M / 40 had no pointer availability cartridge in the chamber. Thirdly, they had no shutter accelerator (for reasons of cheaper production), which led to a decrease in the reliability of automation. And in the fourth, Swedish steel that is not used, that was required by the Finnish specifications, and there, they had, what, subsequently, It led to the destruction of the gun frames due to powerful cartridges.

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