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Arminius HW 3

Arminius HW 3



Arminius HW 3 - description and specifications

Performance characteristics

Arminius HW 3

A type

revolver with a solid frame

Caliber, mm


Length, mm


barrel length, mm


Weight empty, g


drum capacity, rounds


In this model, with a barrel length 2,2 inches and with a rounded handle used, usually, ammunition .22 LR, However, there are guns early releases, in which the cartridge is used .32 "Smith & Wesson long". Drum capacity of these modifications - eight and seven rounds respectively. Revolver XB-3 sold in Europe under the brand name "gekado", owner is to 1959 Gustav has been Gensh, after which all rights passed to the company "Dynamit Nobel". In the 60s, this model appeared on the US market under the name "Dixon Bulldog".

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