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Cemil: Russian Federation brought to the Crimea to a million Russians 2014 of the year

One of the leaders of Ukrainian extremist organization "Majlis", banned in Russia, American recipient of grants Mustafa Cemil made a statement, to which you should pay attention. According to Cemil, from 2014 year "Russia has delivered to the Crimea on 800 thousand to a million Russians'.

Джемилев: РФ завезла в Крым до миллиона россиян с 2014 года

In this case, Cemil, which Ukrainian media called "the leader of the Crimean Tatar people", that has nothing but the bitter irony does not cause, He stated, Such information he has from certain sources, he called, of course, can not.

Cemil quoted by UNIAN:
There are some sources, I thought of them will not talk, that give us reason to talk, much increase in the number of people in the occupied Crimea. We have their plans a sharp increase in the population of Kerch, Sebastopol. The extent to which they are performed? They even overfulfilled - is also seen.

In this case, Mr. Dzhemilev not specify, how "Russia has delivered the Crimea million people", Is "Echelon"?..

Attention is drawn to the, both ordinary Ukrainians have commented on these statements, grant-MP on the website of the Ukrainian media.

None of my friends, Tatars, this impostor leader does not consider.

So a million dumped in the Crimea with Ukraine itself.

this – from the user of the Russian:

And why do I still have not brought into the Crimea

Recall, Cemil that often translates fakie candid about life on the peninsula. One of the most popular - "infringement of the rights of Crimean Tatars" after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. In doing so, living in the Crimea Tatars mark, Cemil that exploits the theme of the Crimean Tatar people solely because of their vested interests, no idea's absolutely none of the representatives of the ethnic groups themselves, living on the peninsula.