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Seoul and Pyongyang “symbolically” combined railways

North and South Korea are joining rail system. In the border city of Kaesong on the North Korean Phanmun station passed symbolic opening ceremony of the joint project on modernization and reunification of roads and railways, reports “Yonhap”.

Сеул и Пхеньян "символически" объединили железные дороги

As the newspaper writes, held a ceremony does not start the actual commencement of work, and underlines the commitment of the two Koreas “actively participate in the modernization and reunification of the road and rail networks into a single system”. The ceremony was attended by a large delegation of South Koreans, including Transport Minister Kim Hyun-Mi, Minister Gunay association Cho Myung. From North Korea was attended by Deputy Minister of DPRK Kim Yong railway Heck, as well as chairman of the peaceful reunification of Korea Committee Ri Son Gwon. The ceremony took place in the presence of representatives of the UN, Russia, China and Mongolia.

Further, under this project, plans will be developed and projects for the implementation of the program association, and the actual work will start in accordance with the situation “on the denuclearization of North Korea and introduced sanctions against it”.

The beginning of work on the unification of road and rail networks in North and South Korea before the end of this year, We agreed to Kim Jong-un and Mun Jae Ying at earlier talks.

Trans-Korean Railway gyeongui line was built during the Japanese occupation 1906 year and ran from Seoul to the city of Sinuiju on the China border. Operation road stopped in connection with section Korea North and South. AT 2000 , the North Korean and South Korean trains began to go up Torsan station in the demilitarized zone, and Seoul four years later the line was extended to the city of Kaesong, It is a special industrial zone of North Korea.



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