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The DNR reported arrival at the Donbass cars with toxic substances

Exploration of the People's Militia Donetsk People's Republic (NPT) reports, which is controlled by Kiev area west of Donetsk in the vicinity of the train arrived Krasnogorovka, in which structure there are cars with suspected toxic substances. This was at the briefing said the militia DNR management representative Eduard Eduard Basurin.

В ДНР сообщают о прибытии на Донбасс вагонов с отравляющими веществами

According to the DNI intelligence, the railway station Krasnogorovka arrived composition, in which there are cars with barrels blue, presumably filled with potent chemicals poisonous. Downloading Data wagons being soldiers of the Ukrainian army, wearing protective kits. As previously obtained information, in the same area based experts of American and British intelligence, via which command DUS (Operation Combined Forces) It plans to carry out provocations using toxic substances, to later blame it on the people's militia DNR and start fighting.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry did not rule out, that in the near future on the demarcation line from the APU will be followed by a provocation from toxic substances, which will grow into a full-scale hostilities. Before that, in the western media “Syrian scenario” accused of Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republic, as well as Russia, in the use of chemical weapons against the civilian population, thus justifying attacking Republics Donbass.

recall, what 28 December deadline for martial law, entered Poroshenko.