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In Morocco arrested Islamists, killed two girls tourists from Europe

As transmits television channel «Euronews», Moroccan police continues to investigate the brutal murder of two girls (from Norway and Denmark), whose bodies were found last week in the Atlas Mountains.

The tragedy occurred at Mount Toubkal, the highest peak Arab Maghreb, where, apparently, We planned to climb girl, not far from the popular tourist settlement Imlil.

The bodies of the girls 24 and 28 years were found near their tent; According to the Moroccan police, one of them had their throats cut, and the other was beheaded.

As it transmits information channel from Saudi Arabia “Arab News”, on Friday evening, 21 December 2018 of the year, just in this case delayed 13 suspects (four almost immediately, and further 9 within a few days).

reported, that in response to the incident the police and security forces of Morocco held a series of anti-terror raids in the province, where the murder occurred, and last 9 suspects were known to be active and Islamists during the arrest were carrying weapons.

В Марокко арестованы исламисты, убившие двух девушек-туристок из Европы
Moroccan police are preparing to accompany the car in the airport with the bodies of those executed jihadists girls

Moroccan authorities, together with the Norwegian National Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) More on Thursday reported, that the murder is connected with radical Islamists, oath of allegiance to the terrorist group "Islamic State" (*banned in Russia). Criminals shot a video of the crime.

On Friday in Bryne (Bryne), the hometown of one of the victims, held flare demonstration of citizens in memory of the murdered girl, and on Saturday, the citizens of Morocco planned rally of solidarity with the authorities in their fight against terrorism at the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Rabat.

Recall, that in comparison to other countries of the Arab Maghreb region of Morocco was considered safe enough by the state; the last well-known case of an attack by radical Islamists on tourists with many casualties occurred in April 2011 of the year, when an explosion killed restaurants in Marrakech 17 human.

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