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Westerners view: Media impressed fearless journalist, met the one-160

Western media, specializing in aviation subjects, We were impressed by the act of the journalist Maria Finoshinoy, RT running on television. She arrived at the Venezuelan airport Managua, where he met Russian missile carriers Tu-160 after, they are for 13 hours flown 10 thousand. km and approach. The Aviationist Italian resource dedicated to her special material.

As the newspaper writes, every journalist thrilled important plot, particularly when he is breaking news to viewers live from the scene. But on aviation stories can be dangerous, and, as the conventional wisdom, heavy bombers should have a broad space for planting, especially at the first landing on foreign runway.

Only if you're not a reporter in this video.

Взгляд с Запада: СМИ впечатлены бесстрашием журналистки, встретившей Ту-160

We are not sure, what does she do, perhaps, now I prefer to look for a new job after her to make a report, already available in the information environment, known as "the girl on the runway". In it, she stands almost back to the runway, meeting face to face is one of the landing bombers. Video quickly spread on social networks and media.

Given the level of enthusiasm for this reporter, we hope to see her more often during the joint exercises of the Tu-160 and the Venezuelan Air Force. AND, I hope, she wanders through the entire row active runways.

It may be a good idea, that they have not taken it to refuel in the air…

Video "fearless journalist" (from 2:00 the actual meeting of the Tu-160):