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The return from Syria: about the value of hundreds of figures on the US Air Force, "warthog"

Sturmoviks A-10 Thunderbolt II from 124th fighter USAF squadron, returning from the Middle East, decorated with hundreds of icons. Known among aviators Italian Internet portal The Aviationist found, what they mean.

The squadron returned home 24 October 2016 of the year, after six months of service in the framework of "Operation Enduring determination", which, According to the edition, It was directed against LIH (banned terrorist organization in the Russian Federation).

Возвращение из Сирии: о значении сотен фигур на «Бородавочниках» ВВС США

Two years later the "Warthogs", still decorated with the same markers, hit the Photoobjectives. One of the pictures gives a fairly clear picture of aviation means of defeat, allowing you to identify the weapon, which used the A-10 in Syria and Iraq.

Among these are seven-barrel 30 mm GAU-8 aerogun Avenger, laser-guided bombs GBU-12 Paveway (LGB class), tactical missiles AGM-65 Maverick, all-weather correctable (in GPS) GBU-38 bombs (JDAM class) and their "relative» GBU-54 LGB class (Both are based on the Mark-82 bomb, therefore, have the same markings), 2000-pound GBU-31 class JDAM and laser-guided missiles AGR-20, used with missile launcher LAU-131A / A.

Возвращение из Сирии: о значении сотен фигур на «Бородавочниках» ВВС США

As explained by one of the pilots A-10, usually 30 mm aerogun displayed on the fuselage after 100 work she shots, Icons with bombs appear after the application of the two bombs of this kind, while the rocket appear after each stroke, caused them.

If we applied to the icons for each bomb, consumed in battle, we would have covered [they] all aircraft!
– said pilot.

According to the publication, in Syria Russian bombers Su-34 designation was applied red stars, to mark 10 air strikes.