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Before state companies tasked with the planned transition to the Russian software

It became aware of the requirements of the country's leadership to the state-owned companies in terms of equipment computer software. "Vedomosti" newspaper reports, First Vice-Premier of the Russian Government (he - the Minister of Finance) Anton Siluanov introduced a directive, which it refers to the need to present a clear plan for the transition to the use of domestic software.

Перед госкомпаниями поставлена задача планового перехода на российский софт

In fact, it is about continuing to support the policy of import substitution. In this case, in this situation, the question comes to the strategically important sector - the use of computer programs by Russian state companies.

reported, what to 2021-2022 years of Russian state-owned companies should switch to a minimum 50% domestic software - in all its main classes. This is the task set by the Government.

Earlier data were published in the press on, what in 2017 year volumes use Russian software in Russian business accounted for no more than 15%. Specifically, there is no data on the state-owned companies.

The main objective of the transition to the domestic software for state-owned companies of the Russian Federation related to information security. Given all the recent reports about vulnerabilities, which give the opportunity to actually put the computer equipment under external management, task seems extremely important. Thus it is necessary to take into account such factors, as the ability to ensure the company is a Russian software - not only qualitative, but competitive in terms of price. If this software was in sufficient volume represented on the Russian market today, the company and to themselves passed on him, given the very competitive advantages.