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Kazakh border guards received two hovercraft

Kazakh border guards, serving in the Caspian Sea, received two new domestically produced hovercraft. The commissioning of the boats has passed 11 December 2018 year in the port of Bautino, Mangistau region of Kazakhstan on the Caspian Sea, reports the bmpd blog with reference to Kazakh media.

Казахстанские пограничники получили два катера на воздушной подушке

Full tactical and technical characteristics of boats, like the name of the model, not shown. known only, that they were built at JSC “Ural plant “Zenith” in Uralsk. The total displacement of the boat is 10 000 kg, capacity – to 1500 kg, crew is 4 man + 8 marines. No information about weapons. The boats are designed to protect territorial waters, state border and continental shelf, solving problems of responding to terrorist incidents outside territorial waters and protecting oil and gas complexes, as well as patrolling to suppress illegal fishing. The cost of building two boats was 3 billion tenge (about 540 million rubles).

The boats were named in honor of the leaders of the anti-Russian uprising 1870 of the year – “Jesus is a hero” and “Dosan Batyr”. Both boats became part of the ships of the Border Service of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan in the Caspian Sea.



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