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Column with Russian military equipment is seen on the Crimean bridge

The network has a video transfer to the Crimea through the Kerch bridge the large quantities of Russian military equipment.

Колонна с российской военной техникой замечена на Крымском мосту

specified, that a video is removed 8 December. It was posted on Twitter by a user under the nickname Igor Girkin. An active discussion of personnel began on the web.

In Ukraine, naturally, suggested, that Russia is preparing for war, which Poroshenko and his power ministers talk about so often.

Some have doubted, Will the bridge bear the load?, if such columns will pass constantly.

On the eve of the Western media with reference to satellite images of Google Earth reported hundreds of Russian tanks, located near the Ukrainian border in the Kamensk-Shakhtinsky area. In addition to tanks, observers spotted thousands of military trucks.. However, some users wrote in their comments, that the equipment at this military base was located before, at least, this summer - for sure.

Recall, earlier, Petro Poroshenko announced the transfer of airborne assault units to the border with the Russian Federation. Besides, he said, that he signed a decree on the payment of additional financial assistance to Ukrainians detained in Russia.

The website of the President of Ukraine says, that the assistance will be provided in the form of a monthly stipend of three (Ukrainian) living wages for able-bodied citizens.

specified, that the project was developed by the Ministry of the "temporarily occupied territories" with the participation of public organizations. The scholarship was named after Levko Lukyanenko, a Ukrainian human rights activist.