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Erdogan,: I gave Putin Poroshenko's request for the release of sailors

Turkish President appealed to Vladimir Putin on the incident, what happened to the tug boats and naval forces of Ukraine. We are talking about an armed violation of the state border of Russia. It is reported that, Erdogan asked the Russian president to release to freedom of the Ukrainian sailors. And he asked not so much, as he conveyed the request. Chew?

Эрдоган: Я передал Путину просьбу Порошенко об освобождении моряков

Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, and that he spoke with Vladimir Putin, and Petro Poroshenko, adding, that the issue has been discussed more at the summit Big Twenty in Buenos Aires.

Erdogan told, Poroshenko said that he, that he could not get through to the President of Russia, and asked to convey a request for the release of the Ukrainian sailors.

Turkish President:
This request was conveyed to President Putin, I. I'm talking about, that such matters can only ask Turkey, beyond that we do not go.

Such a statement makes it clear to Erdogan, he would like to try on the role of "peacemaker", but understands, that the decision to release persons, suspects, It is not in the competence of the President before the court decision. Therefore, the words of, he gave Putin a request Poroshenko looks more like an attempt to distance themselves from molestation Kiev. Otherwise, the very Erdogan may have questions. for example, why did not he decided to free (including before the court decision) those officers, who were suspected of having links with the movement of Fethullah Gülen? Or where the request to the most Poroshenko about the need to release the captain of the Russian “Norda” or journalist Wyszynski?



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