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Pacific Fleet as the best in 2018 year

Pacific fleet (TOF) according to the results 2018 It was recognized the best in the Russian Navy, According to the press service of the BBO.

Тихоокеанский флот признан лучшим в 2018 году

On Monday, the formations and units of the Pacific Fleet held a solemn meeting, It marks the beginning of new academic year, which were attended by representatives of the Eastern District Command, Members of the Military Council, heads of departments.

Pacific Fleet Commander Admiral Sergei Avakyants connection surface ships visited the Seaside flotilla of diverse forces.

In his speech, he noted, that the outcome 2018 PF Year fulfilled all before him combat training missions.

he recalled, that the Navy of the United participated in large-scale exercises "Vostok-2018", as well as a number of special exercises. Pacific Fleet ships have carried out a number of long-distance trips with visits to the ports of ten states. Naplavannost all ships exceeded 17 thousand. day. sailors were 14 Navy Commander prizes in various kinds of training, and the Pacific Fleet as a whole for the second year in a row won the first place among Navy fleets.

I thank all of you for your service and hope, that next year will be the year for the Pacific Fleet qualitative development, that will allow us to once again show good results, the commander said.

The event ended with the passage of personnel.

The press service also reported on the completion of the business call the squadron as part of the missile cruiser "Varyag", anti-submarine ship "Admiral Panteleyev" and a large sea tanker "Boris Butoma" in the Changi naval base (Singapore).

During the visit, the order management Navy Commander visited Singapore, Base commander and mayor. The cruiser visited the Russian ambassador in Singapore Andrei Tatarinov. For sailors excursions to historical places of the city were organized.