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UEFA bans matches in regions of Ukraine with the entered state of war

Functionaries of the UEFA had to meet in special session because the entered the Ukraine military situation. The Executive Committee of the European Football Association decided, which speaks about the impossibility of the Champions League match between "Shakhtar" and "Lion" (France) in Kharkov. Initially, the rules suggested, that it was at the Kharkov stadium and the match will be held between the French and Ukrainian clubs.

УЕФА вводит запрет на матчи в регионах Украины с введённым военным положением

celebrated, that the match will be postponed due to the fact, that the Kharkiv region (along with nine other regions of Ukraine) hit areas in the list, where acts entered by the president of the military situation.

The UEFA Executive Committee reports, that it introduces a ban on football matches in Ukraine's regions, that martial law, as well as in those areas, that can be reached only through specified regions.

Now there are intensive consultations, in what is the stadium will be held Champions League.

Previously postponed match of the Europa League, in which participated club from Poltava. Despite, Poltava region that is not included in the list of regions under martial law, it was decided to postpone the match in Kiev. celebrated, as in the case of the "Lyon" meeting can also pass in the capital of Ukraine.

A few days ago, the French "Lyons" in an interview with the media pointed out, that the club is difficult to find plane, which would fly to Ukraine.

Against this background of the Kharkiv region come reports, that act in 27 Mobile and stationary police posts around the region's administrative center. Patrolling the streets attracted more than 1,3 thousand. the national police. The largest number of police officers in the cities, which are geographically part of the areas, adjacent to the border of the Russian Federation.