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NI: Russian "Penicillin" could destroy the US artillery

The newest complex of sound-thermal artillery reconnaissance 1B75 "Penicillin", presented at the Salon "Army-2018, will become the main enemy of American heavy artillery, writes expert Mark Episkopos in his article for the National Interest.

NI: российский «Пенициллин» может уничтожать артиллерию США

This system will revolutionize artillery reconnaissance as well, how her namesake revolutionized medicine.

According to the expert, the American Hughes AN / TSQ-51 reconnaissance complex uses radar technology to capture the trajectory of flying projectiles, by which the location of the weapon is determined.

The Russian system uses four acoustic-thermal sound locators 1B76, large "stabilization platform" and "optoelectronic module". High-speed data sorting is facilitated by the inclusion of six standard and six thermal imaging cameras, he writes.

"Penicillin" is able to detect targets for 5 seconds in radius 25 km. Besides, the system determines in advance the points of fall of the shells. The sensors are so sensitive and accurate, what can be detected by the usual "banging the door". At the same time, the equipment is fully automated., to eliminate the "human factor", according to the material.

The complex has a much shorter range, than the radar. However, Russian developers don't rely on electromagnetic waves., since their emitter (radar) easily detected by the enemy. Besides, Radar stations may not detect shots with a weak signal, such as mortar.

For the first time, the complex of sound-thermal artillery reconnaissance became known in 2017 year. His trials are currently ending. Expected, that it will be put into serial production in 2019 year.



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