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“crazy machines” Russian troops RKHBZ attracted attention in USA

Data, placed in the Defense Ministry network to the centennial of Russian troops RKHBZ, undoubtedly, looked almost military representatives of world powers. In the US, he did furor. And a hit in this video for the Pentagon generals was heat engine himochistki TMS-65, that they are on the move dubbed crazy – "Crazy".

"Сумасшедшие машины" войск  РХБЗ РФ привлекли к себе внимание в  США

Truck "Ural" TMS-65 with a heat gun of the turbojet VK-1 at the stern really impressive. This avtoaviaagregat used for fast cleaning of any equipment, including civil, fallout and chemical agents. It is understood, that the TMC-65 to cope with such tasks much faster and better, than even the company hulking soldiers in chemical protection overalls with hoses and brooms.

The operating principle is simple enough such radiohimochistitelya: turbine engine include VC-1, and fed back thus disinfecting solution, which when exposed to high temperature is partially converted to steam. clear, that steam under such pressure and a solution of, which is adjusted for certain types of radiation, chemical and biological components of an impact, quickly and effectively remove any contamination from the treated surface. In addition turbopushka easy to operate: the operator can smoothly guide the nozzle to the right-left and up-down.

Besides biohimochistki machine TMS-65 can work in the opposite direction, namely smoke screen. The principle of the apparatus at the same time about the same, as in biochemical cleaning, but instead of decontaminating reagents fed into the nozzle turbine smoke producing liquid - oil or analogs. High engine temperature VC-1 instantly turns into a thick cloud of fuel oil, which reliably hide troops and the position of the optics and sights of the enemy. Furthermore, If the smoke-producing mixture, add the desired additive, the resulting composition of this smoke is able to escape even the radar radiation.

Not surprising, what engine was selected for this machine troops chemical protection VC-1. Besides, that many of them left after the write-off of fighter MIG-15 and MIG-17, they were equipped with, This unit is very reliable and fairly easy maintenance and repairs. by the way, interesting fact, that the VC-1 descendant Engine Rolls-Royce Nene, that immediately after the Second World War, the former Soviet Union sold the British. On condition that the contract, Soviet authorities could not use this engine in military vehicles, so on this basis and has been developed already a Soviet aviaturbodvigatel VC-1.



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