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AS. Tereshchenko “Werewolves "from the military intelligence”

AS. Tereschenko & quot; Werewolves "from the military intelligence & quot;.

AS. Tereshchenko “Werewolves "from the military intelligence”.

book author – Honorary member of the KGB Colonel AS. Tereshchenko was a participant in these events,. In the book on the basis of documentary tells about the struggle against the military counter-intelligence of the KGB with the US and UK special services during the last decades of superpower – the USSR.

Wide response received a successful operation to expose Penkovsky, Polyakova, Rezun (Suvorov), Smetanin, Filatov and others “werewolves” of military intelligence, sold for pieces of silver honor, conscience and homeland.

328 p., 66.3 MB., .PDF format




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