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FSB officers seized an arsenal of weapons on Ukrainian ships

FSB, carried out the arrest of two Ukrainian military boats “Nikopol” and “Berdyansk”, and tug “Jana Capua”, seized an arsenal of weapons, who was not only on board the gunboats, but also quite peaceful tug. Video seized weapons provided Russia 24 on your YouTube channel.

Television crew managed to remove the entire arsenal of weapons, was on the three vessels. Here and large quantity of ammunition, Kalashnikovs, DShK. Also reported, that the guns on boats Naval Forces of Ukraine were not sheathed when trying to break through the Kerch Strait, and one of the boats tried to bring his 30-mm gun on one of the ships of the Russian Coast Guard. Somehow it does not converge shots weapons, seized from the Ukrainian sailors with the words US Permanent Representative to the Donbas Kurt Volker, saying, Ukrainian court that the detainees were purely peaceful, a provocation staged Russia with a view to blame Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military commanders, responsible for the provocation carried out,They keep coming up with all kinds of nonsense of trying to accuse Russia of unlawful use of weapons in the suppression of acts of provocation Ukrainian ship. Chief of Staff Armed Forces of Ukraine Viktor Viktor Muzhenko said, that the Ukrainian boat were attacked not only by Russian ships, but it supposedly had shot fighter Su-30, who fired two missiles. true, Viktor Muzhenko not explained, which I was aiming pilot fighter and why he did not get into such a good target.

The commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine Igor Voronchenko finally explained to Ukrainian citizens, Why Kyiv authorities have not given the order for the use of aviation in the Kerch Strait. According to him, planes were aimed at helping the boats, because at that time it was already dark, and in Crimea powerful air defense system, consisting of C-400 and C-200.

Time was getting dark. Apply and to overcome air-defense system would be very cumbersome - Voronchenko said, adding,, that Ukraine has enough resources for a full-scale war at sea.