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BBC BBC described the mercenaries of PMCs Wagner

BBC Russian service published material, telling about the terms of the contract, which the mercenaries allegedly conclude with a private military company (PMC) Wagner in Syria.

According to “BBC”, the data was allegedly obtained from the former fighter of the Wagner PMC Nikolai Averin, whose contract has already expired. Former mercenary told, PMC training camp is located at the Molkino military training ground in the Krasnodar Territory. A recruit who arrives there spends three days in the camp, which are allocated for the delivery of physical training, medical tests. Drug test is mandatory. Only a job application form is filled in, in which the contacts of relatives are indicated, passwords from social networks. Conversation with the security service.

Би-Би-Си рассказала о наёмниках из ЧВК Вагнера
plan of the PMC camp in Molkino from the BBC

The contract begins to operate from the moment you receive a personal token. From the same moment the salary comes. On “filter” almost nobody is late, everyone is dismantled in detachments. First of all, preference is given to specialists: mortar men, sapper, drone operators. On account of the salary, you can purchase ammunition and a first aid kit.

According to a former fighter (which the British bring), at the beginning of hostilities in Syria, business trips lasted up to six months, it is exactly three months now. There are no problems with going abroad. Upon arrival in the country, no stamps are put on the passport: technically, a person flies all the time on a business trip, and then returns to Russia.

According to “BBC”, now a PMC fighter receives monthly 150 thousand. rubles, at 2014-2015 years, PMC fighters who fought in the Donbas received 80 thousand. rubles. In case of injury or in case of injury, received in the conduct of hostilities, paid 300 thousand. rubles, at death – relatives received 2 million. After the outbreak of hostilities in Syria, the payment for death increased to 5 million.

How true is the presented “BBC” information, – a separate issue

earlier it was reported, that fighters of Russian PMCs and some veteran organizations appealed to the International Criminal Court with a demand to initiate an investigation against the organizers of the PMC.