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BMP-3 for Iraq received additional protection

Russia supplies to Iraq infantry fighting vehicles (BMP-3), equipped with additional armor protection, According to the Russian newspaper.

БМП-3 для Ирака получили дополнительную защиту

The publication notes, that presented in the photo modification war machine is one of the most advanced among those, that today are exported.

In a modern fire control system includes a thermal imaging camera, and for the tracking of targets at the disposal of gunner has a special device, which performs this function in automatic mode.

In turn, the commander received a device with an active-pulse illumination, Increases the range of enemy detection when setting them smoke screens, as well as increased dustiness, which it is very important for the Iraqi military.

All of the above increases the effectiveness of the 100 mm cannon, which can be used also as a launcher antitank guided missiles, and paired automatic guns (30 mm).

Tower machines cover lattice Spaced Armor.

BMP is equipped with an engine capacity 500 hp, to - its speed 70 km / h. Power reserve - 600 km, capacity - 10 human. The car retained the possibility of overcoming water obstacles afloat.

earlier it was reported, that the first upgraded BMP-3 began arriving in Iraq in late August 2018 of the year.