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PSKR "balaclava" and the tugboat "Sergei Balk" on completion in Sevastopol

Specialists LLC Sevastopol "Shipyard Perseus" continue the completion of new units for the Black Sea Fleet of Russian FSS Border, According bmpd.

ПСКР «Балаклава» и буксир «Сергей Балк» на достройке в Севастополе

These include tow boat "Sergei Balk" (project 23470) and border patrol ship "Balaklava" (project 10410B).

Offshore tug arrived in Sebastopol in July, make the transition to the towing traction on inland waterways of Yaroslavl. The ship was laid down at the Yaroslavl plant in 2014 year, It launched in December 2016 of the year. Tug is planned to transfer the Black Sea Fleet in the first quarter 2019 of the year. "Sergei Balka" service will be held at 205 detachment of the Black Sea Fleet ships to ensure (Sevastopol).

PSKR "Balaklava" Sevastopol is also delivered to the plant from Yaroslavl on inland waterways. On his arrival became known 10 November. The next year he will be transferred to the Crimean FSB Border Service Management, based in Sevastopol.

ПСКР «Балаклава» и буксир «Сергей Балк» на достройке в Севастополе

Offshore tug project 23470 It has a displacement 3,2 thousand. t, about - its length 70 m, width - 15 m, sediment - 5,2 m. Cruising range - 3 thousand. miles, autonomy - 30 day. Speed ​​- up 14 knots. On board there is a helipad.

ПСКР «Балаклава» и буксир «Сергей Балк» на достройке в Севастополе

PSKR "Balaclava" is intended for border protection, the territorial sea, to combat piracy and terrorism. Its displacement - 375 t, length 49,5 m, width - 9,2 m, sediment - 2,6 m. Cruising range - 1,5 thousand. miles, autonomy - 10 day. Speed ​​- up 32 knots. Armed with machine guns, "Kord" (12,7 mm) and gun mounts AK-630M (30 mm).