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Turkish Altay MBT went into series, contract signed

Turkey begins mass production of domestic Altay tank. A corresponding contract for the first production 250 Turkish tanks signed by representatives of the secretariat of the defense industry, General Staff of Turkish Armed Forces and the company BMC, According to Anadolu Agency.

Турецкий ОБТ Altay пошёл в серию, контракт подписан

Attending the signing ceremony the head of the secretariat of the Turkish defense industry Ismail Demir said, that the production of its own tanks, will allow Turkey to significantly reduce its dependence on supplies of equipment from abroad. In the armed forces Altay tank should eventually replace outdated and foreign technology, thus becoming the main combat unit of the Turkish army. planned, what the 20 years of Turkish Defense Industry will put in the sun 1000 Altai ОБТ, that will significantly upgrade the tank units. The project is estimated at 25-30 billion. dollars.

Recall, that the first sample of Altay tank was introduced in May 2011 year exhibition of arms IDEF-2011 in Istanbul, and the development and testing of the tank was completed in the spring of this year and selected the winner of the tender for its serial production. They became BMC Turkish-Qatari company, previously won the contract on the development of the engine for Altay tank.

Weight of tank 60 t, thus it can reach the speed of 70 kmh. On the machine is installed reservation system from Roketsan, as well as active protection systems and fire control, developed by Aselsan. Besides, Altay tanks will be equipped with detection systems of radiation and chemical threats.



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