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French historian – macron: Russian heroism in World Wars kept France

Atlantico edition published an article by the French historian Edouard Yussona (Edouard Husson), in which he expressed his opinion about the events, associated with the two world wars. The title Yusson article offers French President Emmanuel Macron read history books. Such a reaction on the part of the well-known French historian followed after, Macron how a few days before the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the First World War called Russia an enemy.

Французский историк - Макрону: Героизм русских в мировых войнах сохранил Францию

It should be remembered, that Macron, 6 November stating the need for a European army, reported, that this army without the help of the United States will be able to stand up to Russia and China. This statement was made president of France, while in Verdun.

Yusson says, that Macron has made the paradoxical statement. A place, which is steeped in military history, he used bellicose statements, but then suddenly he added, that is going to work for peace.

Edouard Yusson called Makron, Declare the need for a military confrontation with Russia, recall, what price he paid Russian army in the same World, that France remained at the map of Europe.

of material:
Before you make such statements, you must remember, that without the heroic struggle of the Russian, without the huge losses of the royal army in the autumn 1914 of the year, German machine could crush our army on the Western Front. Is this not the reason, to pay tribute 1,8 million dead of the Russian army? Russian twice saved our country in the XX century. AT 1914-1917 they kept the Germans, and 1941-1945 We did everything, to defeat Nazism, enabling de Gaulle to create our new republican system.

Five million deaths, civilian and military, during the First World War. Twenty-seven million deaths, civilian and military, between 1941 and 1945 years. This price, paid Tsarist empire and the Soviet Union for the defense of freedom in Europe. We waited in vain for the Western European gesture towards Russia 1989-1990 years. But no German Chancellor had never traveled to Moscow, to repeat the gesture during a visit to Reims, kneel Willy Brandt in Warsaw, to make historic handshake at Verdun.



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