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SSK "Vyborg" turned into a museum

During the third quarter of this year, the diesel-electric submarine B-227 "Vyborg" is derived from the Baltic Fleet, Mil.Press FLOT reported citing a military source.

ДЭПЛ «Выборг» превратится в музей

Submarine awaits repair followed musefication. According to a source, SSK is already at Kronstadt sea plant. There she will prepare for further service as a museum exhibit.

According to the publication, 29 July submarine was not on the Main naval parade, however, he managed to take part in the June teachings of the Baltic Fleet - during one of the episodes she played the role of submarine imaginary enemy, which led the hunt for the search-and-strike group ships.

According to the interlocutor, Renovated SSK "Vyborg" will be transferred to the naval branch of the Park "Patriot" in Kronstadt. This decision has been taken. He added, that the timing of the creation of a floating museum is largely dependent on the timeliness of funding.

Earlier museum exhibit in Kronstadt was the destroyer "Restless (project 965, code "Sarıçam"), who was in the dock "Yantar" plant with 2016 of the year.

According to some reports, vybyvshuyu submarine "Vyborg" will replace the diesel-electric submarine "Alrosa", which is currently undergoing renovations in Sevastopol.

The resource recalls, that the submarine "Vyborg" (project 877) built in Komsomolsk-on-Amur 1982 year. In the same year transferred to the Pacific Fleet. Converted in the Baltics 1985 year. It was part of the submarine connection of the Leningrad Naval Base. Last refurbishment took place in 2016 year. "Vyborg" is the name of a 2008 of the year.

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