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China has introduced a new landing SAU

At the 12th Salon International Aerospace AIRSHOW CHINA 2018 in Zhuhai first introduced self-propelled artillery (HEALTHY), made on the basis of BMD ZBD-03, According to the Russian newspaper.

В Китае представили новую десантную САУ

Military experts have called the ACS "close relative" of the Russian self-propelled gun 2S9 "Nona-S". According to them,, the machines have much in common, including 120-mm universal tool.

This artillery system is already used today in the PLA, true, She performed on the basis of wheel ACS PLL-05 and tracked PPZ-10.

According to some reports from the open literature, Development of the ACS for airborne troops lasts about China 5 years. Currently, self-propelled, probably, fully brought to mind, so it decided to show to potential customers.

Also at the air show is presented full-scale model of the passenger aircraft CR-929, which is being developed SOMAS Chinese corporation and the Russian United Aircraft Corporation.

В Китае представили новую десантную САУ

Layout includes 3 class layout of the passenger compartment and the cockpit. Layout Length - 22 m, width - 5,9 m, height - 6,5 m. Inside, the economy class - 4 number of seats, in business class - 3 rows of seats in the first class - 2 number of seats. The basic version of the airliner will carry 280 human. Maximum range - 12 thousand. km.

According to the Russian chief designer, the car is at the stage of preliminary design and selection of suppliers. Her final appearance will be formed by the end of 2019 of the year. First flight is expected in 7 years.



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