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The network is a discussion of the Su-24 “gray” stars

In Instagram blog aviation subjects fighter_bomber_ published video of the flight Sukhoi Su-24. Members questioned, why on the tail of the aircraft next to the Russian Air Force “bullying” grayish star in a gray circle.

Among the versions of the appearance of the identification mark on the plane, probably, participating in counter-terrorist operations in Syria, popular version of a conscious reduction of contrast stars bomber.

В сети идёт обсуждение Су-24 с "серыми" звёздами

A similar "situation" and on the wings of an airplane. The same low-contrast gray stars in circles.

by the way, in Air Force circles (SCC) Russian dispute came about, as relevant today use red stars on the aircraft, participating in combat operations. The dispute goes so far. There is no consensus, of course, does not exist.

About blog posts – expressed version of, the red stars in the tail and the wings of the aircraft could lose red color due to exposure to the sun, salted strong wind from the sea and the so-called desert sandblasting. Earlier media reported, What's on “Hmeymime” work is underway to create a special protective hangars for planes, including, able to protect aircraft from said climatic factors.

If you compare the video, submitted entries, Russian bombers with shots directly at the air base "Hmeymim" in Latakia province, we see, that airplanes red stars are red, and no laps on the tail and wings are no.

В сети идёт обсуждение Су-24 с "серыми" звёздами

However, it should be noted, that photo with "Hmeymima", published on the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense, They are not "fresh".

Among the versions of the user there is such: perhaps, the aircraft was handed over, eg, BBC Saha. And work on changing OZ has not yet brought to an end.



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