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Pentagon: Russia has many problems, she soon "fizzle"

Russian to 2035 It was unlikely to be able to represent the US as much a threat as it is today, because she did not have the strength to maintain its long-term potential, RIA Novosti reported the statement of the US Armed Forces Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford.

Пентагон: в России много проблем, она скоро «выдохнется»

When the Pentagon talks about the period 2025-2035 years, He is referring to a landmark, when US forces will be able to get great opportunities, than China and Russia, which will hardly be able to maintain its capacity at the current level, Dunford said the, Speaking at Duke University.

According to him, Russia's demographic decline as a, and economic indicators. And to the specified milestone China will pose a much greater danger, than Russia.

China has much more room to build military and economic power, the general said

Over in China recently, much has been done, and there continue to increase military potential. "I think, that the following 20-30 years, we will be looking at Beijing as a threat, which must be guided ", - he added.

Earlier, Pentagon chief Mattis called the primary threat to the US Russian nuclear weapons. The nuclear strategy adopted by Washington a lot of attention paid to the modernization of the elements of the "nuclear triad" of the United States, as well as the development of low-yield nuclear weapons, which are supposed to be placed in submarines and strategic bombers.



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