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In the United States acknowledged the superiority of Russian air defense

The Russian army has a multi-layered air defense system, which, in all probability, the most advanced in the world, пишет The National Interest.

В США признали превосходство российской ПВО

After the collapse of the USSR, the Russian multi-level air defense system underwent a deep modernization and is now an essential component of the restricted area (A2AD), author writes.

According to him, the skies over Russia are protected by the latest anti-aircraft systems, developed on the basis of advanced technologies. At the same time, the air defense system, produced back in the USSR, still successfully counteract military aviation around the world.

The recent large-scale exercise "Vostok-2018" clearly demonstrated, that the airspace of the Russian Federation is a "real minefield" for a potential enemy, says expert.

he noted, that American aviation is the most powerful in the world, having a rich combat experience in countering enemy air defense systems. However, US Air Force aircraft have never encountered such an advanced anti-aircraft system., created by the Russians.

According to the author, suppressing Russian air defense is also hampered by the high mobility of its components. This circumstance makes it almost impossible to destroy all anti-aircraft systems..

At the same time, expensive stealth aircraft, such as the B-2 bomber, fighters F-22 and F-35, may be vulnerable to the latest Russian radar and combat aircraft, according to the material.

The expert adds, that stealth technology cannot make a car completely invisible, and the success of Russian engineers in the development of new technologies generally makes the American "invisible" ineffective.

In conclusion, he recalled the destruction in 1999 year "stealth aircraft" F-117A of the US Air Force during the operation against Yugoslavia. And it was shot down by far not the most advanced complex S-125 "Neva", by the time removed from service by the Russian army.



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