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Teachings or show? In Latvia passed “extensive” маневры Iron Tomahawk-2018

In Latvia, held at the Adazi training ground “extensive” international military exercises Iron Tomahawk-2018 (“Iron Tomahawk 2018”), which was attended by representatives of the group of the extension of NATO presence in the Baltic States and Poland.

Учения или шоу? В Латвии прошли "масштабные" маневры Iron Tomahawk-2018

As reported by Ukrainian media exercises were organized “Battle Group expanded NATO presence in Latvia”, and the stated purpose of the exercise – improving cooperation and compatibility groups expanded the presence of NATO and the willingness to support the Allies, if the need arises.

Учения или шоу? В Латвии прошли "масштабные" маневры Iron Tomahawk-2018

In the same time “Russian newspaper” reports, what in “scale” scientists participated as much as 17 tanks, from all four “militant groups” (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland). At the same time it was represented in almost all models of tanks, standing on the arms of NATO: Spanish Leopard-2E, German Leopard-2A6, American M1A1SA, the Challenger 2 British-Polish PT-91 “Tvardy”. There were no French Leclerc (often fails) and Italian C1 Ariete (considered “restricted to leave” due to obsolescence).

Учения или шоу? В Латвии прошли "масштабные" маневры Iron Tomahawk-2018

As the authors write material, passing maneuvers least resembled military exercises, but more – show, arranged to calm residents Baltic countries and Poland: tanks made some maneuvers, lined up and, including flashing beacons, burned together by little mouse.

At the same time, military experts, Watch this show, We were still able to learn something interesting for yourself. In their opinion, of all the featured models of tanks, standing now at the NATO armed, Only the Polish PT-91 “Tvardy” can easily overcome the roads and bridges in the former Soviet Baltic republics. The rest of the monsters, handled weight 60 tonnes, It feels good only on such shows.



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