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Israel will not attack Syria. Frightened S-300?

Israeli Air Force has not carried out any independent operations in Syria after 17 September, when framed by Syrian anti-aircraft rocket plane Il-20, writes edition Contra Magazine.

Израиль больше не атакует Сирию. Испугался комплексов С-300?

Israel has repeatedly stated, that did not stop the bombing of facilities on Syrian territory, despite the appearance of it Russian anti-aircraft S-300, but not published after the tragedy of the Russian Il-20, Israeli media are no reports of similar operations, although in the past, such attacks were widely covered in the press, according to the material.

The assumption, the attacks continued, and only reports about it just disappeared, practically impossible, sure the author, also pointed out, Earlier Israeli impunity struck several times a week.

However, Jerusalem claimed, that during the last month applied airstrikes, but only after consultation with the Russian military.

Recall, the decision on the transfer of SAR S-300 was taken after, as 17 September reconnaissance aircraft IL-20, next to the airfield Hmeymim, He was accidentally shot down by Syrian air defenses during the attack of the Israeli F-16s on targets in Latakia.

As reported this week, Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov, Russian advisers continue training the Syrian military to work on the S-300.

He added, that together with ZRKa Syria delivered sets of automated control system of air defense forces "Glade D-4".

This system was put into service in 1986 year and it is designed to control the missile brigade as part of SAM "Buk" or C-300. A later modification - "Glade-D4M1" - is able to handle simultaneously 500 purposes and to accompany 255 of them.



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