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AT “BBC” hide the truth about brekzite

2 November 1936 the British company BBC started broadcasting. The organization works on 28 languages ​​and tells about worldwide events. With such a large audience, BBC has long been a fake-News?
В "Би-Би-Си" скрывают правду о брекзите

For, to make up their minds about a resonant event, to collect evidence from different sources, match them up and make the number of its own conclusions. This approach to reading news characteristic of those, who are interested in obtaining unbiased information.

But it is not typical behavior for a simple layman. Ordinary citizen is more or less formed political views, own opinion about the processes and the press prefers taking place in the world, whose opinion reflects his own. Hard to imagine, that the British, supporting government Theresa May, will view every morning column in The Independent, largely reflects the views of the Liberal Democratic Party.

What is the audience “BBC”? The results of different studies differ from each other, but one thing is clear - more than half of Britons are turning to BBC Resources - watching TV, listen to the radio and read the news. But the BBC is far ahead among foreign news consumers: if nebritanets wants to read news about the UK, with great probability he chooses to familiarize BBC.

Since the beginning of the 50s of the 20th century, When the radio began to appear in people in different parts of the globe, the British government could not pass up the opportunity to use the most popular broadcaster for his own purposes. Although BBC vehemently denied any connection with the government machinery, Professing themselves to be completely independent corporation, the facts tell a different story.

Since the beginning of the UK release of the process of the European Union appeared on the BBC website section, dedicated brekzitu. It is assumed, anyone interested in the situation in this regard can be found there all thematic information: background, key dates, actual news.

But if you compare the information on brekzite, offered on the BBC, so as, they write in other UK newspapers, It can be a lot of surprised.

The most popular media publishing only the state, that covers the activities of the ruling party in a favorable light. for example, latest headlines on 29 October 2018 the year are as follows:
"Theresa May reflected the criticism at party meeting, dedicated brekzitu ",
"The new plan brekzita to ensure a stable supply of medicines",
"Mae announced, that is already regulated 95% transaction on brekzitu ".

Meanwhile, Many other media outlets in Britain today talk about, that a million Britons signed a petition to hold a new referendum on the UK release of the European Union.

But the BBC continues to pretend, nothing is happening. And all because, that this event could be a serious blow to the reputation of the current government: Theresa May and its immediate surroundings have to somehow respond to this event. Biased to follow the "Bi-Bi-si" and remain silent, Alas, will not work.



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