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Latvia armed with self-propelled howitzers M109A5Öe, though not new

Ministry of Defense of Latvia has received recent ACS M109, delivered in the interest of the armed forces of the republic under the contract, signed in April last year,. Self-propelled howitzers were delivered to Austria for a total amount of the contract in 6 million. euro, transfers “Warspot” with reference to the portal

Латвия вооружилась самоходными гаубицами М109А5Öе, правда не новыми

According to the contract, the Latvian Army was 35 self-propelled howitzers M109A5Öe , 10 ReStPz armored fire control cars (converted from ACS family M109), and 2 car mechanics training drivers (also converted from M109). All the equipment is not new, before it was purchased by the Austrians in the US Army, as well as the so-called British Army of the Rhine, stationed in Germany. In addition to the cost of the contract included the preparation of the Latvian crew and technicians.

As stated in the Ministry of Defense of Latvia, received from Austria propelled howitzers are the first M109A5Öe howitzers this type, entered service with the Armed Forces of Latvia. Prior to this, only towed artillery was in the country.

American self-propelled howitzer M109 was developed in the 50s and was first used on the battlefield in Vietnam, and then used in all conflicts, where the US Army has been involved. Maximum range of fire is the standard shell 22 km, active and reactive - 30 km. Aluminum rolled armor provides protection against small arms fire and shrapnel of artillery shells Field. The maximum speed of the machine - 56 kmh, power reserve - 350 km.



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