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The new long-range missile 40N6 S-400 entered service

Russian long range surface-to-air missile systems S-40N6 400 “triumph” adopted by the Russian Army, transmits TASS with reference to the source in the defense industry.

Новая дальнобойная ракета 40Н6 системы С-400 принята на вооружение

According to the publication, a long-range missile 40N6 (40N6E – export version) put into service, all the necessary documents signed in the month of September. Currently, the Ministry of Defense is already in the procurement of these missiles to equip the systems S-400 “triumph”. As a source in the defense industry told, all within the framework of the state program of armaments to 2027 year planned to buy more than a thousand new long-range missiles 40N6, missiles will be aimed at equipping new formed and re-equipment of existing S-400 regiments videoconferencing RF. He reminded, that within the framework of this program in VCS is to be formed 56 divisions S-400.

As previously reported, joint state tests of new missiles 40N6 completed in July this year.

40F6 – extra high surface-to-air missile range, It designed to engage all types of aircraft, including hypersonic cruise and ballistic missiles. Capable of striking aerodynamic targets at a distance of 380 km and ballistic – to 185 km at an altitude of 10 m to 35 km. It can destroy targets beyond terrestrial radio visibility thanks to a new radar homing. rockets 9M96, 48F6, 48N6DM, standing on the S-400 weaponry, provide defeat targets at ranges up to 250 km.

earlier it was reported, 40N6 that the rocket after the modernization procedures will be the main component for the prospective S-500 anti-aircraft missiles “Prometheus”.



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